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Over the last few decades, worldwide manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals is at spurt due to a number of reasons. Biopharmaceuticals are isolated and manufactured from biological sources. The structural similarity of biopharmaceuticals to human compounds creates the potential to cure several diseases. Biopharmaceutical development emphasizes molecules such as recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, vaccines and oligonucleotides. In addition, biopharmaceuticals aim to cure the diseases from the root rather than only treating the symptoms. These additional benefits are effectively treating many new diseases which have encouraged the production of these drugs globally.

The biopharmaceutical industry is a vigorously growing sector among pharmaceuticals field due to its potent and enormous healthcare advantages. Therefore, the necessity for the development of novel and tailored biological drugs is driving pharmaceutical industry under pressure to ensure the enhanced productivity.

Health Biotech is an Indian based contract development and manufacturing company, engaged in providing high grade and a wide range of pharmaceutical products.

We have a team of the skilled scientist with rich experience in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and nanobiotechnology, synchronized for the successful development of technology and finish formulations. Our biopharmaceutical development is proficiently tailored to provide cGMP finish formulation. Health Biotech Research Centers (HBRCs) use Quality-By-Design (QBD) tools at the initial as well as the final phase of formulation development.

Our experienced experts are always available to work with you to provide support and find the right solution for your challenge.

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Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturer


With the emergence of multinational pharmaceutical organizations and their progression in country has evolved the concept of contract manufacturing services. Many pharmaceutical firms are unable to perform their own manufacturing in house. In that case, they need to find pharmaceutical contract manufacturing services to produce medicines, dietary supplement and other drugs.

Professional contract manufacturers play a crucial role in the production of high quality pharmaceuticals. Largely, they are involved with production of capsules, tablets and syrups. In addition, they also offer manufacturing of clinical supplies, progress of analytical methods and stability testing programs as well. Other service which are offered by contract manufacturers are manufacturing and development of sterile liquids and lyophilized products in solid, semi-solid and liquid dosage forms.

Contract manufacturing offer high-quality and economical substitute which in turn help in reducing the cost and time pharmaceutical products production. Their vision is not only to help small and medium scale pharmaceutical companies. For this reason, one of the most significant benefits of pharmaceutical contract manufacturing is that they serve as partners and extensions for smaller and virtual organizations that have obscurity in rendering expensive and time-consuming services to their clients.

Considering the best pharmaceutical contract manufacturing services in India, Health Biotech Limited is one of the top companies. We are affianced to offer our services all over the country. We manufacture a broad spectrum of brand pharmaceutical formulation products in several forms by using advanced technology and equipment.

Our accomplishment as Contract Manufacturer in the field of pharmaceutical formulation completely relies on our product quality, low production cost, Process optimization, on-time delivery and client relationship.

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